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UPDATED: No case of person with Covid symptoms at SkolaSajf

The Minister for Education has denied reports that were posted on social media that at the Qormi San Ġorġ Primary School there is a case of COVID-19 while he appealed for responsibility to avoid the spreading of incorrect information.

In a comment to Television Malta, Minister Dr Owen Bonnici said that no SkolaSajf Centre had been closed down because there are no cases of contact between infected persons with either students or teachers. He appealed to parents to heed only official sources of information.

He said all schools are taking the necessary precautions to ensure there is no case of Covid-19. He explained to Television Malta that following all the verifications that had taken place he can say there had not been the closure of any SkolaSajf Centre.

Minister Bonnici said no person had exhibited symptoms of the virus at any Centre while all precautions are being taken always, that is, persons entering schools are testing and procedures followed and in case a person has shown symptoms of infection outside school, or at home, all the necessary precautions are exercised.

He added that the Ministry is holding discussions with all those involved so that in two months’ time, all students will return to and resume schooling.

A return to school is necessary for education to continue but naturally this has to be aligned to all precautions and that such precautions are being discussed and analysed and are based on the experiences gained from the opening of Childcare Centres, leading to the opening of Skolasajf as well as SEC Revision lessons.

He said there had been cases where parents have unjustly been alarmed and this should not be so, while appealing to parents to only follow official information. He said the Education Ministry is proceeding on facts while the Health Authorities are rendering excellent services and therefore all should act responsibly and not alarm others with unfounded information.

Minister Bonnici was speaking during the opening of the Ichoose Fair at the Excelsior Hotel where students that have completed their Secondary Education are invited to meet with educational institutions where they can continue their studies. The Fair will remain open until tomorrow, Saturday, up to 1 pm.

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