Egypt: Spectacular parade to transfer 18 kings and 4 queens to a new museum

Over the last few days a spectacular parade took place to transfer 18 kings and 4 queen to a new museum. The mummies were transferred in separate capsules filled with nitrogen to protect them.

Egypt celebrated the transport of the 22 Royal mummies in the capital Cairo to the new National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation.

A number of people followed the luxurious spectacle of the mummies which were taken from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir square to the new museum which is more than 5 kms away.

What was described as the Golden Pharaoh Parade was held under strict security arrangements. They were carried according to the chronological order of their reign.

Every mummy was placed on a decorated vehicle with special shock absorbers and was accompanied by a number of vehicles and replicas of wartime horse-drawn carriages.

On their arrival at the museum, they were given a 21-gun salute.

Egyptian authorities are hoping that the new museum will give a boost to tourism which is the primary source of the country’s income. Over the last few years it has not been easy for this industry in Egypt because of the political upheaval and then the pandemic.