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Ela gets a surprise from her school colleagues

In four days’ time Ela Mangion leaves for Minsk in Belarus to represent Malta in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song Marchin’ On. And the 250 students, teachers and the head of school at the Immaculate Conception secondary school at Tarxien, which is Ela’s school, organised a sweet surprise for Ela on Wednesday to wish her luck in her forthcoming adventure.

The biggest surprise for Ela was when she watched a video in which her friends and the teachers sang the song Marchin’ On.

The students’ council at the Tarxien school presented Ela with a number of gifts, to ensure she will still think of them during the Junior Eurovision.

Ela’s friend Zael Mallia said “Ela loves to joke, and I love her as she always makes me laugh; and whenever we have a problem she is always there to help.”

Leah Bonnici, another of Ela’s friends, described Ela as “a great girl, a good-hearted girl.”

Ela Mangion is doing her second year in secondary. Her teacher described her as an exemplary student.

Ela’s teacher, Valerie Galea, stated that “apart from excelling on stage, Ela also excels academically, as she is a hard-working student who studies and is exemplary. It’s a pleasure to teach her.”

Head of school Melanie Ungaro said it was an honour for the school to have talented students like Ela. Ms Ungaro added that “we wish Ela well, and as I have just told the students, we also hope she will enjoy the experience. We naturally hope she will win, but more than that, we hope she will make new friends and experience this new adventure in her life and continue to treasure it for ever.”

The whole activity through which the students wished Ela every success has been planned for quite some time… and all without her knowledge.

Asked whether she had noticed that something was being planned, Ela said she had, adding that after the break, they would not allow her to re-enter the class for a whole week. I wondered what they were up to. Everyone was keeping me away, with guards outside the door, and I was repeatedly told to go down to the office because they wanted to talk to me. And I would go down and find no one.”

The Junior Eurovision final will be held on Sunday 25 November, and will be broadcast live on TVM.

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