Elderly man waiting to undergo trial by jury on sex with eight-year-old girl continues to insist story has been dramatised

An elderly 70-year-old man who is waiting to undergo trial by jury for alleged sexual activities with an eight-year-old girl has continued to insist that the story as presented by the Attorney General is dramatised.

Despite this, the three Judges hearing his complaints prior to the start of the trial by jury have dismissed the complaints.

In 2016 Grazio Azzopardi, at the time 65 years old, had been arraigned in Court and charged with having corrupted and taken part in sexual activities with an eight-year-old girl in Xgħajra in 2015.

Azzopardi had also been charged by Inspector Joseph Busuttil with having used force, violence and threats against the girl, as well as having committed the crime when the girl had been entrusted to his care.

The accused had also been charged with having held the girl to submit to acts offending her gender, and with having been in possession of pornographic material.

In the presentation of the case prior to undergoing trial by jury, Azzopardi complained that the narrative used to draw up the charges had been over-dramatised.

Azzopardi also complained that the female doctor who had been tasked with speaking to the girl had gone beyond her remit.

Although the complaints had been turned down by Mr Justice Giovanni Grixti in February, Azzopardi appealed and kept on insisting he was in the right regarding his complaints.

However, Chief Justice Mark Chetcuti and Madam Justice Edwina Grima and Mr Justice Aaron Bugeja dismissed his complaints and confirmed the sentence handed down by Mr Justice Grixti.