Elderly to be eased back into the community by end June

From 17 May there will be an easing of other restrictions including those in homes for the elderly where more visitors will be permitted, while in June groups will be allowed to leave homes.

In comments to TVM, the Minister for the Elderly and Active Ageing Michael Farrugia said that the details of the third phase of the easing of the measures in retirement homes will be given early next week.

He noted the positive results since the last relaxation of measures in nursing homes and said they were encouraging bolder measures.

“Eventually, towards June we will start taking the elderly into the community in ‘bubbles’. This is the fruit of the results we have achieved so far during the first two phases.”

Minister Farrugia said that this was a result of the national vaccination program which led to more than 90% of the elderly being vaccinated in 37 nursing homes in a few months.

During a press conference, Minister Farrugia launched a new service ‘ideal food for health’ which is expected to benefit more than 4,000 elderly people.

He said that this service would be extended to all the elderly in these homes and explained how for the first time nine part-time nutritionists would be employed with the Department of Active Ageing.

The Chief Executive of the said department, Dr Renzo de Gabriele, said that this service would be essential for those who are suffering from various conditions.

“They can’t, for example, eat certain solid foods, they can’t get their nutrition because of allergies. There are people who are losing weight and they are treated by a professional who faces these challenges and gives them the best nutrition.”

Dr Degrabriele said that through an online application, the elderly who due to various conditions cannot leave their home, could also make use of this service.