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Electricity cables removed from building facades at Mqabba square

Some 100 residents and businesses in Mqabba square and the surrounding area worked hand in hand with the local council and Enemalta for the removal of cables from the square and on houses and clubs facades. The work is part of the locality’s square regeneration project, carried out by the local council with the assistance of the Infrastructure Ministry.

The work by Enemalta workers at the parish square and in various adjacent roads was carried out after a number of feeder pillars were installed for the distribution of electricity in homes and roads through specific culverts which were built during the square pavement works.

“They installed some five kilometres of our electricity lines through the culverts built by the contractor who collaborated with the council”.

Enemalta distribution manager, Karl Cilia, stressed that such a project involves the coordination with various entities and the cooperation of Enemalta clients so that wires to the electricity meter are passed through the pavement into the houses.

Mqabba mayor Omar Farrugia stated that even companies who provide communication services contributed for the underground laying of wires.

Enemalta will be implementing a similar project at Ħad-Dingli centre.