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Electricity demand on Monday reached record level because of cold spell

The cold spell experienced in recent days has led to a higher demand for electricity. Enemalta sid in a statement that in fact the demand for electricity on Monday evening reached its highest level, with a record 410 MW at 7.00 p.m. Enemalta said this was a result of the use of air conditioners and electric heaters for heating homes. Enemalta asserted that this was the highest level of demand for electricity ever experienced in Winter. It added that this level is close to the highest level it ever experienced, 438 MW in July 2015.

At the point when this level was reached the greater part of the electricity supply was being provided through local power stations, Delimara 1 and Delimara 3 operating on Heavy Fuel Oil and Delimara 2 on diesel. The rest was supplied through the interconnector. Enemalta added that at the same time no electricity was being generated from renewable energy sources, such as solar panels.

Enemalta took steps to cater for this extra demand from the previous week, when the cold weather was forecast. Enemalta was also prepared for an increase in requests for assistance from clients suffering from power cuts, possibly through wind or storm damage, overloading or individual technical difficulties, or even other systems. Enemalta was in a position to cope through is technical staff on duty on a Monday to Sunday basis, and was able to assist clients in the shortest possible time, with priority always being given to the most vulnerable.

Enemalta suggested that in instances of power cuts clients should check that the main switch on smart meters, the main circuit breakers (MCBs) and the salvavita on the distribution board are switched on. Clients should also check the digital display on the smart meter. If this is working, the probability would be that the damage is in the client’s internal system  rather than in the provision of the Enemalta supply. In other instances, however, clients are advised to call Enemalta on a 24/7 telephone service on 8007 2224. This is even more important if urgent assistance is required.


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