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Electronic monitoring instead of jail for prisoners

The public has been urged to express his views on the proposal for the introduction of an electronic monitoring system for persons found guilty on small crimes.

Interior, National Security and Law Enforcement Minister Byron Camilleri told a press conference that with the proposal, the Government is introducing a just and secure system.

The Court is expected to have the right to assign an alternative sentence of electronic monitoring for those guilty of an effective sentence not more than one year, and the committed crime is not subject for over a maximum sentence of two years.

This emerged in a Government white paper and a legislative framework for the introduction of the electronic monitoring which, according to the proposal, may be also used in granting prison leave and also parole, with the monitoring carried out by an official of the Corradino Correctional Facility.

Lawyer Dustin Camilleri told TVM that the proposal does not apply to persons guilty with five specific crimes. “Crimes related to domestic violence, gender based violence exclude every person which breached an order or an access or maintenance contact; and also all those registered as paedophiles or related crimes…it does not apply to them”.

Minister Byron Camilleri emphasized that the proposed system concerning persons guilty of minor crimes, will be assisted to reform themselves with a safe system for society. This is a clear Government vision in this sector, he added.

“I believe that through this proposal, we will have a more just and safer society, including with those who erred. Therefore, the use of electronic monitor may be available for persons guilty of minor crimes and even regarding prison leave and parole”.

The public consultation ends on the 25th May, while the proposal will then be presented for Parliamentary scrutiny.