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Eleven professional dancers in ‘Żfin Malta’ show

The national dance company will be presenting a show by three renowned choreographers which reflect a variety of styles.

 Żfin Malta will present an evening of dance with choreographies interpreted by 11 professional dancers.

Jorge Crecis, Jacopo Godani and Riccado Buscarini are three established choreographers who have won a number of international awards.

The director of Żfin Malta, Paolo Mangiola, said that the dancers will interpret the two dances which they debuted at the international Arts festival in summer.

This event will also include the international premiere of the third dance Silk, with three dancers exhibiting the flexibility and versatility of the dancers who transform from a story about a journey to Siberia on board a train from Russia to China.

“They transform and they can change and it’s a beautiful metaphor of what happens in life,” said Paolo. “It’s a playful work that unfolds through a set of rules.”

The dance show will end with a technical spectacle. He said that the main challenge for dancers will be to change from one style to another within four minutes.

“The third one is the more abstract work but it’s also the most neoclassical, and here you see the dancers displaying their technique… so it’s really an evening where the people can witness the versatility and the excellence of Żfin Malta and the dancers.”

The show by Żfin Malta will take place Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Valletta Campus Theatre.

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