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Ella Eyre to sing at Isle of MTV sporting Maltese tattoo

Konferenza tal-aħbarijiet dwar l-Isle of MTV

Gepostet von Television Malta am Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2018


Singer Ella Eyre, who is taking part in tonight’s Isle of MTV, has Maltese roots.

Ella McMahon, born in 1994, has a Maltese mother and a Maltese grandmother, and still has some second cousins in Malta. As a result of these family connections, Ella has a special bond with Malta, enjoys visiting the country, and was in Malta last year for a family wedding. Ella Eyre told TVM that she enjoys visiting her relatives in Malta, as they remind her of her grandmother. Ella added that even when she heard the taxi driver speaking, she was reminded of her grandmother.

Although she has never actually lived in Malta, Ella treasures various Maltese aspects, including the language. The singer added that although she does not understand Maltese, she sports a tattoo on her back with the first words of the Hail Mary, which read “Sliema għalik Marija, bil-grazzja mimlija” (Hail, Mary, full of grace). She says she is very fond of this phrase. Besides the Maltese language, Ella has a fondness for pastizzi and Twistees. Malta has such a special place in Ella’s heart that she is looking ahead to visiting the island again in the coming months to celebrate her mother’s birthday.

During tonight’s Isle of MTV, Ella’s repertoire will include Came Here for Love, which she released in June last year.

Referring to projects in the pipeline for this year, Ella said she is presently penning new music and is also working on new songs for this year.




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