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Ella – the twin girl with the smile that steals hearts

Ella, who has a twin brother, is one of the few cases where one twin was born with down syndrome . Ella’s mother, Michelle told TVM that during her pregnancy she did not know she was carrying a twin down syndrome, but now feels blessed to have Ella.

When you meet Ella, who today is six and a half, her smile melts your heart. Michelle Borg says that when she was pregnant with Ella and her brother Nathan, a pregnancy that came fifteen years after having had two other children, she was shocked when she told that her twin daughter had down syndrome.

“30 mins after the twins were born, I was told that I had a daughter who was born with downs; till then nobody had realised. At the time it was not easy, I was afraid I would not be able to bring her up”.

Ella is a very lively girl, and with tears in her eyes, Michelle says she believes that her daughter has blessed the whole family. “She is an angel because even her kiss is special. Everyone loves her, even at school”.

Her twin brother Nathan plays with her all the time. Her mother Michelle said her daughter was already showing a passion for the arts, including modeling and has taken part in a children’s fashion show.

Michelle said that since she understands the shock experienced by those parents who first become aware of their children’s disability, she wants to give them courage, because life is still beautiful with these children.

“Do not give up, today there is a lot of help, where one can go and talk and there is no shame in having children who are downs”

Ella also attends the Special Olympics which today provides training to about two thousand children and youngsters with intellectual disabilities.

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