Elton John’s biography: candid revelations about his attempts at suicide

Shortly after Sir Elton John’s autobiography – ME – was published, a number of revelations about his life have started to emerge. The two most prevalent on the internet are that Elton John had prostate cancer and was on the brink of death and even tried to commit suicide.

“I was completely wrong when I thought that changing my name would change me as a person” – Elton John

Elton John revealed that after trying to end his life after he felt emotionally bankrupt. In his autobiography, the singer of Candle In The Wind, opens up about his attempt at suicide.

He talked about how he began taking cocaine in 1974 and how it made him feel confident, euphoric and that it caused him to lose his inhibitions. He said that all this was false and not necessary and that he did not actually need drugs to talk to people. Throughout this period the singer said he was going through a rough time, that he had been concealing his identity and his emotions: that his life was a complete disaster.

“I was completely wrong when I thought that by changing my name I would change who I was. ” This is a reference to his real name Reginald Kenneth Dwight. He said that changing his name had not changed who he was on the inside and that he had remained the same person – a man unsure of himself.

According to Elton John, he overdosed one night while recording with his new band. He said that he could not remember what had brought it on but that it was likely because of a romantic experience gone sour.

He admitted that his relationships were intense but lacked respect. And that the older he grew the more depressed he felt, flitting from one relationship to another but that after a few months he’d tire of the relationship which would end in tears.

“I was at the brink of death” – Elton John

In the same book, Elton John talks about his cancer prostate. He said that days after undergoing an operation he got an infection which could have killed him within 24 hours.

This happened when he was on a tour in South America in 2017. The singer had to be taken urgently to the UK because he was feeling ill. They took a scan, the results were so bad that he had to be sent immediately to a specialised clinic and undergo intensive care treatment for two days.

Doctors told him that he had contracted a major infection in South American and he battled the disease with large doses of intravenous antibiotics.

Doctors told his partner David that he was 24 hours away from death and that had he stayed on in South American for one more day, he’d have died. This made him cancel all the concerts he was due to give in the United States between April and May, in order to spend more time with his husband and their children.

At the time Elton John had announced that he would be cancelling the concert due to a “terrible and unusual infection so as not to reveal what he had gone through.

In his book Elton John says “at the hospital when I was on the brink of death I asked them not to let me die and asked to see my children”. He went on to say that it was at that point that he felt someone telling him that if he wanted to live, he had to learn how to live and to cut back his routine”

Elton John recovered and when he turned 70 years he threw a big party in Hollywood.

In his first autobiography, Elton John reveals more things about his life, including his relationship with Princess Diana.

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