Thousands of tourist visitors expected to visit Malta to view the air show

After an absence of four years aircraft enthusiasts will be able to enjoy a spectacular 26th international air show between St Paul’s Bay and Qawra throughout the end of this week.

This will include 55 aircraft and helicopters from various European air forces and will once more feature the British RAF Red Arrows which will be featuring in the show they last featured in seven years ago.

Joe Ciliberti, President of the Malta Aviation Society that organises the air show told TVM that this year’s event is expected to attract thousands of tourists to witness this unique spectacle of acrobatic skill and a challenge to gravity.

The Malta Aviation Society has been organising this international air show since 1993 and Joe Ciliberti said this show has always attracted thousands of tourists.

He said the Maltese appreciate the Red Arrows above all and their presence was only confirmed just two weeks ago because they had been destined to go to Australia but the Australians had cancelled their show because of Covid and both sides had taken the opportunity to clinch an engagement.

The spectacle will be enjoyed by the public along the St Paul’s Bay and Qawra coastline on Saturday and Sunday and besides the Red Arrows will also include various aircraft including a PC17 show from Switzerland that includes none aircraft.

The Malta Armed Forces will also be featuring in the show with a static and aerial display of Augusta Westland helicopters and Aloutte together with a Beechcraft 200. The show will feature new aircraft appearing in Malta for the first time as well as some aircraft appearing for the last time.

For the first time this will include the Rafale, a supersonic French aircraft and is the pride of France and has never been seen once in the air show and there will also be aircraft coming to an end of their career such as Tornadoes.

There will also be a static aircraft exhibition in Park 4 at a road in Ħal Farruġ.

Ciliberti said the holding of this year’s air show has been made possible because of the collaboration of various entities including the Malta Tourism Authority.