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Emotional PM – Inquiry confirms Egrant documents were falsified

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said today that justice is being done to him, his family and the country.

In a Castile media conference the PM said Magistrate Bugeja’s Inquiry Report confirmed what he termed a calumny that had been made in his regard by former Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil. The Prime Minister said that now Dr Busuttil should not remain as a representative of the people in Parliament and should resign.

Dr Muscat said Magistrate Bugeja’s Inquiry is clear and independent proof that the allegations made against him, his wife Michelle and people of their close acquaintance were unfounded.

During the conference in the presence of the PL Parliamentary Group, the Prime Minister said no evidence had been found that the Egrant company was his, or his wife’s or of anybody of their close acquaintance.

Dr Muscat said that the greatest lie in Malta’s political history has not only been certified in an Inquiry by a member of the Judiciary that had not been chosen by him and had taken 15 months to establish all the facts down to the slightest detail. He observed the Inquiry showed that documents and signatures had been falsified and were used as “evidence” against him and his wife. He said this was an act of criminality.

He said that declarations of trust, documents that were said to be principle proof that Egrant belonged to his wife or to him were found to be false. Somebody had falsified them. Therefore this was a clear and elaborate attempt at a frame-up against him as Prime Minister and in his personal capacity as well as his family.

He said the frame-up was made by who wanted his wife and him to be arraigned in Court to face accusations that could have resulted in 12 years of imprisonment.

Dr Muscat accused former Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil of being responsible for this attempt to create a political criss and put in danger the lives of every Maltese family. He said he expected Dr Busuttil to carry the political responsibility and to resign from every position he holds in Malta and overseas.

He said Dr Busuttil should have verified the true facts before urging people to take to the streets to sow instability as well as for his own personal gain.

“Dr Simon Busuttil is not only a failed politician but will remain to be regarded in history not as a pillar of righteousness but as having been part of the greatest lie in the country’s political history”, continued Dr Muscat.

The PM reminded Opposition Leader Adrian Delia that today the responsibility is his and he should start by removing Dr Busuttil as the spokesperson for good governance and if Simon Busuttil does not resign from Parliament on his own volition he should be asked to resign.

Dr Muscat expressed regret that his wife could not be with him at the conference because she is currently abroad on voluntary work because the whole story was an attempt to attack her simply because she is wife. The PM became emotional when he thanked his children who had also suffered with him and his wife.

He said he tells them that he is proud to be the Prime Minister of Malta and hopes they are also proud of the fact.

Asked by Television Malta if he intends to take other steps, including claiming damages for the allegations made against him, Dr Muscat said the greatest damage had been inflicted on the country who he said had suffered a state of martyrdom because of the lie.

He said he is talking to his lawyers but his scope is not that of being awarded financial damages because this did not interest him. He said this is beginning of his justice but he is certain he will not allow any person to damage the country’s name in order to acquire his own personal gain.

The Prime Minister said the conclusion of the Inquiry does not detract in any manner his determination that as those who have been arrested on allegations of having carried out the murder, all the facts emerge regarding the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

The PM maintained that in the national interest and in the interests of transparency the whole Inquiry Report should be published.


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