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Ends up in Court on charges of assault, threats and grievous injury to third party

44-year-old Carmel Mifsud of St Julian’s has been arraigned in Court and charged with assaulting, threatening and grievously injuring Eman Stelian Micallef. Mifsud was also charged with carrying a penknife without a licence from the Commissioner of Police, and with disturbing the peace.

The case goes back to yesterday at about 11.00 a.m. at a pharmacy in St Julians, when a couple –  a man and a woman – were arguing, and the man allegedly hit the woman. The woman, who lives in the same residence as the accused, telephoned the accused who proceeded to the pharmacy,where he assaulted the man with a penknife and caused facial injuries.

Accused, who declared he is unemployed, pleaded not guilty to the charges. Legal aid lawyer Yanika Bugeja declared she would not be requesting bail at this stage as other civilian witnesses still had to give evidence, and requested the Court to ask the Prosecution to produce all civilian witnesses at the next sitting.

Inspector Joseph Xerri stated he would try and produce the four civilian witnesses at the first sitting. The Court, Magistrate Marseann Farrugia presiding, declared it appreciated the loyalty of Defence Counsel, and whilst noting that two witnesses were expected to testify at length, ordered the Prosecuting Officer to produce all civilian witnesses in not later than two sittings.

Accused was remanded in custody.

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