Energy labels displaying consumption efficiency to change in the coming months

From next March, the energy labels displaying the consumption efficiency of electronic appliances used at home will be changed to better reflect electricity and water consumption/ wastage.

Engineer Ruth Baldacchino Scerri told TVM that the new labels will gradually change in the coming months.

Energy labels showing the consumption efficiency of fridges and freezers, dishwashers, washing machines and televisions will have a new label ranging from Scale from A to G. The purpose of the label is to help consumers choose the products that are most efficient with regard to electricity and water consumption.

Engineer Ruth Baldacchino Scerri from the Malta Competition and Consumer Authority said that in order for the consumer to better understand, A +, A ++ and A +++ will no longer exist.

“Products that are currently A ++ will appear to be in scale B and C depending on the product and their value. This is not because they will waste less or more, but because there will be room for improvement in terms of manufacturing .”

The new label in addition to the energy scale will be presenting the information in a way that the consumer can better understand, including how noisy these electronic devices used at home are.

“There will also be a QR code for the consumer to scan and link to a European database that will show you more information about the product.”

The new labels, which are part of the European rules, will be appearing next to the current label in the coming months so that from March only the new label will be used. From September next year, the new scale will also start to apply to bulbs and lights.