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Engineering students exhibit their projects

The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Malta is organising an exhibit with innovative projects which were carried out by students from the Engineering course. Every year, this serves as a platform for tomorrow’s engineers to show what they have learned over their four years of study through a projects they would have presented for their thesis.

The 90 projects by the Engineering students vary between the biomedical sector, renewable technology, electronic products, robotica, transports and manufacturing processes. The exhibit is held so that the public can better appreciate how engineering can be applied to various sectors.

Matthew Joseph Vella’s project showed how a turbo charger can improve a car’s efficiency.

“In this case I built a system which shows the performance charts of the turbo charger so that you can tell which particular turbo charger you need to connect to the system.  It has a combustion chamber from which the exhaust gases are used to turn the turbine, which in turn turns the compressor and brings air into the machine. This project is good because you do not need to have a car or an engine going around on the roads”.

Emma Marie Fenech worked on a project by means of which you can wash the machine which makes pills so that this process can be completely automatic.

“We had to find an alternative way to cut down on the time it takes to wash this part while retaining the quality required in such a process. The challenge was to completely remove the powder from this part of the machine and not leave any traces of powder in the next process.”

Clayton Abela built what he called a roll cage, which is a structure of a car which protects you from serious accidents with the hope that it can be used in the future.

“For our thesis we designed a roll cage which apart from being designed according to the FIA and Transport Malta regulations, we have also issued the testing to see what happens to the roll cage in case of an accident. Apart from these tests, we also decided to build it so we fabricated the roll cage and with the help of my father we managed to build it.”

Andrew Galea’s project is aimed at the cosmetic industry:

“This projects is intended so that you can keep all your cosmetic products such as perfumes, make-up, foundation etc, in a more convenient way as you go about your day. You can keep a small container with balls containing these cosmetic products.”

The exhibit of these and other innovative projects by Engineering students will be open on Friday and Saturday at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Malta.

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