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Entrepreneurs Joe and Mark Gasan give evidence in public inquiry into Caruana Galizia murder

Entrepreneurs Joe Gasan and his son Mark today gave evidence in the public inquiry into the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, in connection with their involvement in GEM Holdings which has a 33% interest in the Delimara power station.

When giving evidence during the public inquiry, Joe Gasan stated that Yorgen Fenech had denied to shareholders of GEM Holdings that he was the owner of the 17 Black company, and had told them he would engage a top lawyer to fight the allegations being made against him.

Mr Gasan also stated that his group wished to withdraw from the Electrogas consortium because of what had been revealed about Yorgen Fenech and 17 Black. He added that he personally had never discussed the project with former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat prior to the 2013 election, and had only met him formally during meetings at Castille after Dr Muscat had been elected Prime Minister.

Joe Gasan stated that in 2008 he had gone to Enemalta for a meeting with Paul Apap Bologna about a project which, however, never materialised. He confirmed that a month before the election, in February 2013, George Fenech had told him about the Labour Party proposal to build a new gas-powered station at Delimara. Witness added that when the Labour Government confirmed the project, George and his son Yorgen Fenech and Paul Apap Bologna had spoken with him and his son about whether they were interested in going for this project.

Questioned about Turab Musayev and Fenech’s connection in the Montenegro project, Joe Gasan said he was not aware of Fenech’s involvement, and neither did he know that the same Fenech had made a proposal for the building of a power station in Bangladesh similar to that of Malta. Joe Gasan’s son, Mark, said he did not know the Government was instructing Electrogas on how they were to reply to media questions, and added that he had never met with ex-minister Konrad Mizzi before the inauguration of the project.