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Environmental expert warns that some bays in Malta may be lost because of rising sea water levels

It is being forecast that in 50 years’ time some bays in Malta will no longer exist because of rising sea water levels that are expected to rise by about one metre.

This is the result of climate change and rising temperatures throughout the world that is causing the melting of permanent ice in Arctic and Antarctic regions.

TVM spoke with a scientific environmental expert, Dr Ivan Xavier Gatt, who explained he has studied this phenomenon in detail and said the effects will be felt in the coming century.

Dr Gatt maintained that although the effects will be experienced in 50 years’ hence, these may in the meanwhile cause negative effects, among others in the tourism sector as well as social and economic spheres because some bays will disappear because of this development.

He said the country may counter this phenomenal development by high level roads and the use of fly overs.

International scientists have long been forecasting that besides rising sea levels because of climate change, as has happened in Venice, this has also caused stronger hurricanes, floods and a greater dryness in some areas.

This is also causing the movement of people from one area to another in an effort to escape these natural disasters.