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EU approves scheme for free WIFI in public places

MEPS have approved an EU scheme to provide free WIFI in public places such as libraries, public administration buildings and hospitals.

This has concided with the financial scheme for local WIFI points of access which has come into effect in the EU, which is free and is without any discriminatory conditions.

The fund will be used by more than 6,000 communities within the member states.

The statement issued by the European Parliament said that, to be eligible, public corporations should cover their operating costs for at least three years and offer free connections, easy access and ensure secruity for its users.

Apart from this, the EU funds may only be used if commercial advertising and the use of personal data for commercial ends are excluded. Projects which duplicate similar free offers, whether public or private, in the same area, are excluded from receiving this financial support.

The Euro Parliament said that access should be provided in the relevant languages of the member states concerned, and if possible, in other official EU languages.