European Commission congratulates Police Force on its transformation strategy

“The success of implementing a strategy for the Malta Police Force is evidenced by the fact that the Force has already started implementing its recommendations. It is also a testament to how much the process of transforming the Corps’ strategy is being led by the Police Force itself. ”

This was stated by Mr Mario Nava, Director General of the European Commission, responsible for Structural Reforms, in an audiovisual message he sent when launching the Police Force’s strategy for the next five years, where on behalf of the The European Commission, he congratulated the Corps on the successful completion of this project.

Mr Nava said that the launch of this strategy marked the end of an intensive assessment period for the Malta Police Force, however, most importantly, it also marked the beginning of a new period of reforms within the Police Force.

“Cooperation between the European Commission and the Malta Police Force began in mid-2018, when the Malta Police Force approached us with a draft project idea. An idea for a project that would bring about a fundamental reform of the organization. What struck us from the beginning was that the owners of this project are the Corps itself and its firm and professional commitment. But the most important thing was the clear will of the Malta Police to reform itself “, said Mr Nava.

The Director-General of the European Commission added that the greatest value of this project would be when the Police Force, having successfully implemented its reform action plan, shares its experience and knowledge with other member states. This will be the real contribution, not only to the values ​​of the European Union, but to Malta itself.