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European Funds for those who are most vulnerable

Our country is not lacking in entities which help the most vulnerable in society, including people with a drug problem, those who have a a disability or at risk of poverty and others who have a terminal illness.

However professionalism and goodwill are not enough. Where professional help is needed, a lot of funds are required for resources so that these entities will be able to provide more services, which are often given for free. This does not mean that it does not cost money and the entities involved have a headache to collect finances to sustain their valuable services.

The EU complements these efforts by providing various programmes for the funding of projects from which vulnerable people or groups in EU member states can benefit.

It was recently announced that Caritas Malta and Hospice Malta will be given around 3 million Euro in EU funds from the European Regional Development Fund for offices from which they can provide more professional services to those in need.

Caritas will be centralising some of the services it offers by refurbishing a building in Blata l-Bajda to help people who are drug addicts, alcoholics and those who are addicted to gambling.

By means of this project, Caritas will continue to help various vulnerable people so that they will not remain at risk of poverty and social exclusion because of their problems. Caritas will also be using this centre as its base for all of its administration, in order to facilitate the organisations’ operations.

Meanwhile, Hospice Malta will be investing in a complex at Balzan where it will be centralising all its services under one roof and developing new palliative health services for Malta for people who are suffering from a terminal illness and their families.

Hospice Malta’s current infrastructure does not allow it to expand its services and create new ones. Therefore this project will help in the development of the country’s health sector which is so crucial for those who are suffering from a life-threatening illness.

As a Government agency, MEUSAC has provided free assistance to these two entities so that they can draft their projects and submit the necessary application to obtain European funds.

If your organisation wishes to know how it can benefit from EU funds, send an email to [email protected] or phone 2200 3300.

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