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European funds to combat domestic violence

9,682 cases of domestic violence have been reported in Malta between 2010 and 2018 – an average of three cases per day. These figures are worrying, particularly when one considers that they have gone up rather than down since 2010.

Even more worrying is that in 8,260 of these cases the victims were women. This worrying situation is being tackled, among others, by projects through European Funds aimed at raising awareness and education.

With the assistance of MEUSAC, a successful application process has been made for two separate projects within the domestic violence sector: Full Cooperation: Zero Violence and Breaking the Cycle of Violence. The first project has been implemented between January 2017 and December 2018, and the second project started in January last year and will be concluded in December 2020.

Both projects have been submitted to receive funds from the Programme for Rights, Equality and Citizenship, which is a European Union funds programme.

Full Cooperation: Zero Violence involved cooperation between the European Affairs and Equality Ministry, the Ministry for Education and Labour, the Health Ministry, the Justice and Culture Ministry, the Foundation for Social Welfare Services and the Police Corps. The aim of this project is to strengthen cooperation between these entities and to train professionals who provide services to victims of domestic violence.

The Breaking the Cycle of Violence project, on the other hand, follows on the achievements of the previous projects by focusing on victims’ needs. For this reason, the project includes providing information to victims on their rights, encouraging victims to seek help and report cases of violence perpetrated against them, and raising awareness among the public that domestic violence can never be tolerated.

For more information about European Union-funded programmes, one can make contact on [email protected] or on 2200 3300.

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