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European Sport Week kicks off, Summer on the Move programme ends

The Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Sport and Voluntary Organisations, Clifton Grima and SportMalta jointly kicked off European Sport Week which is being organised at Tal-Qroqq Sports Complex. This activity also marks the closure of the Summer on the Move programme, so popular among the Maltese.

The first event for European Sport Week started this morning at 9.00 a.m., with various activities for participants of all ages, both in the pool and in the surrounding facilities. Besides water sports, one could also note gymnastics, dancing, rowing and other sports activities.

Parliamentary Secretary Grima met with coaches and participants, stating that Summer on the Move had hit 7,000 participants, with more than 400 weekly sessions led by over 400 teachers and qualified coaches, all dedicated towards offering a quality service.

The Chief Executive of Sport Malta explained that this fifth edition will be different, as SportMalta will emerge from its facilities and organise various activities in different locations, in order to give more opportunities to participants to take part closer to home. Many of the activities are focused between 20 and 28 September. This edition includes an initiative  for collection of plastic bottles in a bid to care for the environment.  The Chief Executive described this as a busy week, but according to the Eurobarometer, this activity is bearing fruit, with Malta being one of the few EU member states showing more activity.

SportMalta is the national coordinator of European Sport Week in Malta, with an intensive programme of sporting activities being drawn up for the fifth consecutive year, and targeting everyone’s tastes.

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