European unity in diversity as seen in 1,000 photographs captured by German photographer

Multiculturalism in Europe will be captured through one thousand photographs of citizens from European Union member states taken by a German photographer over the course of three months. The photographer is currently taking photos in Malta.

German photographer Carsten Sander is touring all European Union countries for the “Faces of Europe” project. Displaying photographs of 1,000 European citizens, it will show ethnic and religious diversity on the continent, and various social contexts of themes chosen by him and taken from a single angle.

Carsten Sander went to St.James Cavalier where he took pictures of different faces from Malta: celebrities, athletes, politicians and ordinary citizens he met on the street.

He describes the project launched by the German presidency’s cultural program as a concrete show of support for European sentiments, paying homage to the idea of ​​unity in diversity, which he said had contributed to the peaceful coexistence of the European nations, tolerance and common values ​​since the end of the Second World War. He explained that the concept for the project was born out of a dream that began a decade ago in Germany.

“Because the Germans can’t be proud of their country because of the past and everything, so I tried to make it more easy, that you have a good self-reflection, I wanted to say come on, we know everything but let us be more relaxed with us and other people and so I wanted to photograph people as they are, so it is like looking at yourself in the mirror,” said Carsten Sander.

He says that in Europe he has met several unique characters and seeks to unite multicultural identities through photographs.

“Malta is country number twenty six from twenty seven, next one will be the last one, Dublin, right now the borders are closed because of covid problem,” said Carsten Sander.

Some of the 1,000 photographs he is taking across Europe will be exhibited at the European Parliament in Brussels next July and then will go on to other places.