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Europeans start voting today in European Parliament elections

The United Kingdom and Holland are the first countries to start voting in European Parliament elections.

Nearly 427 million citizens from the 28 member countries of the European Union will be voting between today and Sunday.

Ireland and the Czech Republic vote tomorrow, and Slovakia, Latvia and Malta vote on Saturday.

The remaining countries will vote on Sunday, with Italy being the last country leading to closure of the polling stations in Italy at 11.00 p.m.

Voting will take place according to the electoral systems in the respective countries, but everyone has to abide by certain conditions, including the number of citizens each elected MEP will represent.

Five countries – Italy, the United Kingdom, Poland, Belgium and Ireland – have their territory split up into electoral districts, whereas 23 other countries will vote on a national basis, as is the case in Malta.

Another important difference between the countries is that certain countries have a fixed list of candidates, these being Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, the UK, Hungary and Romania.

The other countries, including Malta, use the system whereby the electorate votes for the candidate they wish to represent them in the European Parliament.

The following is the list of the number of MEPs which have to be elected in each European Union member country:



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