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Eurostat: Malta registers biggest jobs growth rate in the EU during 2016

Eurostat statistics show that at the end of 2016 there were 4,200 job opportunities in Malta, while 2,900 persons were registering for work.

In the fourth quarter of the year, the country registered the biggest rates of unfilled job opportunities, or job vacancies, among all of the European Union states.

This means that although in 2016 the country had the biggest growth rate in jobs in the EU, for the fourth consecutive year employers in Malta still need more workers to fill all the job vacancies that exist. From a vacant job for two persons registering for work up to four years ago, the country now has more than one job available for every person registering for work.

In Malta, employers are seeking to increase jobs with a 2.5% rate, much more than the 1.8% in the European Union. Last year, the rate was 2.1% in Malta compared with the 1.7% in the EU.

Operators in Malta in the manufacturing and construction sectors, according to Eurostat, have job opportunities equivalent to 2.4% – higher than the need for workers in these sectors around Europe which has a rate of only 1.4%.

On the other hand, operators in Malta in the services sector have job opportunities equivalent to 2.6% of the needed workers, more than the demand in the rest of the EU with 2.1%.

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