Eurostat: Public debt in Malta below EU average

According to Eurostat, the public debt in Malta is below the average in the European Union and has not exceeded the limits established by the Maastricht criteria.

Figures released by Eurostat show that during the first three months of this year public debt in Malta has reached 59% of the Gross Domestic Product, an increase of 4.2% over the last three months of last year and 15.7% over the same period last year.

As an average, public debt in Eurozone countries has exceeded the 100% and has touched 93% in the EU member states. The limit established by the Maastricht Treaty is 60%.

Meanwhile, the deficit in public finances in Malta since the start of the pandemic has increased and was 9.8% at the end of March. This also means, however, a reduction of1.5 percentage points over the summer of last year. In this case, the deficit is higher than the levels established by the Maastricht criteria.