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Evacuation of zone where Angelina Jolie film was being shot

According to reports, Angelina Jolie and other members of the film The Eternals had an unusual day when they were asked not to go on set because of a bomb scare.

Various reports stated that the production of Marvel had be be stopped for some time when members of the crew came across an unidentified object. This was discovered in an area off Canary Island, Fuerteventura, where filming was scheduled to take place.

The filming area had been used as a German military base during World War II, and it appears this unexploded bomb goes back to that era. After all danger had been eliminated, as a security measure the area was inspected before the go-ahead was given to proceed with filming.

When the unexploded bomb was found, none of the cast members were around, but some crew members were on set.


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