“Even if I had sold my house, I would not have had enough money to pay for cancer treatment”

A woman with two children who four years ago was diagnosed with breast cancer said she is alive thanks to the thousands of Euros which she was given by the Malta Community Chest Fund foundation for the treatment she undergoes ever three weeks. She says that even if she had sold her house she would never have been able to pay for it.

Maria Mariella Attard describes how when she used to watch L-Istrina, she used to give a small donation but she never predicted that she would be getting her donation back a million fold.

Maria Mariella Attard is always smiling and her passion is to listen to people and help them, as this is her full-time job.

Four years ago, her life changed overnight when she felt a lump in her breast which quickly turned into a very cruel battle. “I was carrying a monster inside me, a monster which almost destroyed my life. Cancer takes over everything, it is an ugly monster and it does not let you love your family and your children, you see your two kids crying for their mother…it is no joke.”

Coincidentally towards the end of this interview, Mrs Attard received the good news that she is probably cancer-free. However the doctors warned her that the battle is not over yet because there may still be very small traces of cancer.

That is why the only guarantee now for her to remain alive is to receive thousands of Euro worth of treatment every three weeks. “It costs thousands and thousands of Euro, even selling my house would not have been enough to cover it.”

This treatment is financed by the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation, which Maria never imagined she would ever need. “The €50 or €10 I have donated so far, has come back to me a million times, and who knows how many people there will be after me. Today it is my family, tomorrow that person’s family or that person’s. You cannot treat the Community Chest Fund lightly, you have to donate, it’s like a savings bank book and from the pay you save, you will be saving up for something which you will be in need of in the future.”

Because of the pandemic, the funds for the Community Chest Fund have decreased drastically and on Sunday there will be a telethon on all the TV stations, including TVM, to help the Foundation raise enough money to continue helping people like Maria and hundreds of others who need help.

“Let us boost each other’s morale like one family, put our hands in our pockets and give as much as we can,” Maria appealed to the public.

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