“Excessive egoism led to me being at death’s door, today I feel I have been re-born”

On Monday 21 October, 2019, Alfred Attard known as Fredu l-coach, had a shocking experience when he was involved in a traffic accident after leaving Ta’ Qali. As a result of this accident he sustained internal injuries.

“One minute you are healthy and want for nothing, and within a few seconds your life changes overnight. Today I have to live with a 27% internal disability, despite the fact that I try to remain positive towards life,” Alfred said. In Malta, approximately 15 people  die in traffic accidents every year.

“Over-speeding scares me a lot”, added Alfred. “In my case a person’s life was going to be lost because of someone who was negligent and irresponsible.” A year after the accident he wants to pass on a message to drivers, “Drive slowly and carefully so that if there is an accident it is only a bumber to bumber and does not result in a fatal accident which takes a person’s life.”