EXCLUSIVE: Arrested after they smuggled fireworks into Malta on catamaran

Customs officials who inspect merchandise which arrives in Malta by sea, have caught two men trying to smuggle in a consignment of 4,182 pieces of pyrotechnic material on board the catamaran from Sicily. The discovery was made last night at around 11.45 p.m.

tvm.com.mt is informed that a man, aged 34, who was driving a Toyota van with Maltese license plates was with another man, probably his father.

Whey they disembarked from the catamaran, customs officials became suspicious about the merchandise which they were carrying in their van and asked them to declare what they had imported from Sicily.

This site is informed that the men said they just had pillows and carpets and that there was no need for a customs inspection.

However, the officials asked them to open the van for inspection and when they opened it, under the pillows and carpets they found nine boxes, two sacks and two suitcases full of material to make fireworks.

This case is being treated very seriously because the transport of pyrotechnic material has to be done in a secure way by means of a specialized trip so that it does not pose a danger to passengers who in this case were travelling from Pozzallo to Malta.

The two men were arrested and their van and all the material contained inside were confiscated while the pyrotechnic material was taken to a secure place by the Army.  An inquiry is underway.