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EXCLUSIVE: Customs and Police seize some 800,000 in contraband cigarettes

A man from Qormi is being held under arrest after he was allegedly caught in the act while smuggling a considerable amount of cigarettes at sea.

Exclusive investigation carried out by TVM indicates that some 800,000 contraband cigarettes were seized, amounting to 40,000 packets.

At around 5.15 in the morning, a phone call was received at the Qawra Police station that at the quay, in the area known as Tal-Veċċja in St Paul’s Bay, boxes were being unloaded from a powerboat and transferred into a van.

District police officers went on site where they found a Fiat Ducato van filled with boxes containing cigarettes. However, the powerboat was driven away from the shore by the time the police arrived. Customs enforcement officers were also called on site for the necessary investigations, assisted by the police.

When the boxes were opened, the Customs and Police officers confirmed that they consisted of contraband cigarettes.

The person using the van was arrested.