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EXCLUSIVE: Destiny to represent Malta in 2021 Eurovision

TVM is informed that PBS Chief Executive Charles Dalli contacted Destiny a short time ago to inform her of the decision by the company and the Board of Directors that Destiny will be representing Malta in next year’s edition of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Destiny had to represent Malta in this year’s edition, which was to have taken place during this week in Rotterdam, with the final session to determine the winner scheduled for tonight. Unfortunately, the Maltese singer’s preparations for this musical voyage had to end unexpectedly, after the EBU announced it was cancelling this year’s edition at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Malta was to have participated with the song “All Of My Love”, a song which has been voted in the highest placings around Europe in recent days through both jury and public voting. These include second placing in Sweden and in Ireland during this week, with the video of the song being voted the best video on the Wiwiblogs site.

TVM and EBU member TV stations will be broadcasting a spectacle with the participation of singers who had been scheduled to take part this year. The ‘Shine A Light’ spectacle, a celebration of solidarity with a strong message of hope and courage during the pandemic, will also include illumination of buildings around Europe, including Malta. This spectacle will be broadcast on TVM tonight at 9.00 p.m.

Meanwhile, you can follow the music video of ‘All Of My Love’ below:

Meanwhile, Minister for Social Dialogue Carmelo Abela commented about this news, wished Destiny well and described this as a sign that courage always triumphs.

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