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EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE: The moment a youth is brutally beaten in Paceville

A Serb national who works as a bouncer is expected to be arraigned in Court charged with grievously injuring a Polish youth outside a Paceville entertainment establishment.

TVM is in possession of exclusive footage of the incident in which the victim is seen being assaulted by some five bouncers. After being brutally beaten, the youth is left unconscious on the ground. The video footage may impress viewers due to the aggressiveness and violence of the beating.

The beaten occurred during the night between Friday and Saturday in St George’s Street, Paceville.

Video footage shows the Polish youth with a mobile in his hand, seemingly filming the facades of the establishment where the bouncers were likely present.

In one instant one of the bouncers is seen running towards the youth, forcefully hitting the mobile and throwing it away and is seen assaulting the youth. The two persons ended fighting on the ground while suddenly, at least four other persons joined the bouncer kicking the Polish youth.

The violent aggression, which lasted less than a minute, in Paceville most crowded street occurred in the presence of many persons. The beaten youth was allegedly left unconscious on the ground after one of the bouncers kicked him in the head.

Information gathered by TVM indicates that the youth was hospitalised for treatment and released two days after. Police at the St Julian’s station appear to have identified and arrested the Serb bouncer who allegedly assaulted the youth. He is expected to be arraigned in Court in the coming hours.

Asked by Television Malta on the case, the Police confirmed that the investigation is still open and it is not excluded that action is taken against other bouncers.

Two and a half years ago, another exclusive video footage acquired by TVM had led to the arraignment in Court of six bouncers. Three of them were found guilty last May of grievously injuring two men and ordered to work 600 hours in the community.