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EXCLUSIVE: Former F1 driver Hakkinen likes Malta, would like to re-visit

He won the Formula 1 world championships in 1998 and 1999. He was a major competitor of Michael Schumacher, and a colleague of Ayrton Senna. Today he lives in retirement in Monaco, scene of many successes.

Mika Hakkinen,the Finnish driver for McLaren, started his car racing career when he was just five years old, and reached his peak in the nineties.

Referring to his rivalry with Michael Schumacher, Hakkinen said it had been a continual challenging experience in the Formula 1 races. “I had incredible races together…” the Finnish driver told TVM.

Asked about whether he had contacted Schumacher’s relatives following the German driver’s skiing accident in 2013, which had left him in a coma, Hakkinen replied that he felt he had to respect their privacy. “I think he needs a lot of privacy,” Mike Hakkinen added.

Hakkinen told TVM that this was his first visit to Malta, admitting that he was impressed and wants to re-visit with his family.  “I love it. It is such a beautiful and colourful place. A lot of different restaurants and bars. Beautiful architecture. I need to come for a holiday and bring my family to explore,” the F1 driver added.

Hakkinen spoke about an accident in a new house he had just purchased in France.  “Had an electric problem and lost a lot of trophies and memories from the past but same time I turned positively that is time to turn a new page in the live.”

Mika Hakkinen said he still follows the F1 races closely, not only becasue he lives so close to one of Formula 1’s most classic circuits, but also because he is directly involved in the team of Valtteri Bottas of Mercedes, and he is also ambassador for the McLaren team.

Hakkinen was the special guest of the Kindred company which has opened a new branch in Tigne.

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