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Exclusive: George Degiorgio released from hospital and back in prison

George Degiorgio, better known as ‘Ċiniż’, who is charged with the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, was admitted to Mater Dei hospital earlier today after having been beaten up by another prisoner.

TVM is informed that at around 11.30am, an argument erupted between Degiorgio and another prisoner.

After a heated exchange, the argument escalated and the other prisoner allegedly took aim at Degiorgio and assaulted him using an object he had in his hand. Prison officials immediately intervened and stopped the fight. George Degiorgio appeared injured and was bleeding from his head. An ambulance was called to the prison and Degiorgio was taken to hospital by police escort where he is receiving treatment for injuries to his head, neck, shoulders and chest. Degiorgio was under the surveillance of prison officials until his release from hospital. He is now back in prison.

We understand that the prison authorities will take steps against those prisoners who were involved in the fight.