Exclusive: New footage confirms HMS Urge is the submarine outside Grand Harbour

Two years since a submerged submarine was found outside the Grand Harbour, today there is more evidence to show that this is the HMS Urge , which disappeared in 1942 .

TVM is broadcasting recently shot exclusive footage, eliminating any doubt about the whereabouts of HMS Urge 79 years ago:

The extraordinary find, two years ago, was not immediately acknowledged and some questioned it, as it was thought that this submarine sank near Libya.

Which is why a joint team from the University of Malta and Heritage Malta plunged to at a depth of 112 meters, to not only confirm that the ship in question is in fact the HMS Urge, but also to assess its state of preservation, even as a war grave.

Proof that the submarine is in fact the HMS Urge

On TVAM, Professor Timmy Gambin, who led this study, said that this finding is gratifying for him, also because of the relatives of the people who lost their lives on HMS Urge in 1942, who now they a clearer picture about what happened to their ancestors.

You can follow the full interview with Prof Gambin here:

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