Exclusive: The moment a building in Mellieħa collapsed a year ago

A shocking video showing the exact moment that a building in Mellieħa collapsed a year ago when construction work was being carried out is in the possession of the TVM newsroom. In that incident it was only a miracle that spared the life of a British woman who lived in the half-collapsed apartment, whose bed finished up hanging from the room outside. One year after the collapse of this block in Mellieħa, the victims are still waiting for the outcome of the inquiry.

Early morning of the 8th of June last year part of an apartment block in Triq il-Kbira Mellieħa ended up in a heap of stones while construction work was underway. A video of the moment this incident took place shows how the building finished up.

People who were on the scene at the time were shocked because they were heard saying that there were people inside. Thankfully, Meggie Smith didn’t get hurt even though her bed ended up halfway out of its room in the collapsed part of the building.

An elderly woman was caught in the wreckage and had to be rescued by law enforcement officials. Notwithstanding this horrific incident, a year later the parties involved are still being kept in the dark.

Apart from having to wait for the outcome of the inquiry led by Magistrate Astrid May Grima, the owners whose property was demolished told Television Malta that after the incident they paid € 73,000 in expenses from their own pocket. Among these is a beverage distributor who in the blink of an eye lost stock worth thousands of euros.

While the dynamics and responsibility of that particular incident have yet to be established in the inquiry, this was not the last incident of its kind because a similar incident occurred afterward in Ħamrun where Miriam Pace lost her life. Following that tragedy a technical committee headed by Judge Emeritus Lawrence Quintano proposed the strengthening of the rules for safety protection at construction sites. TVM is informed that the report is still being evaluated.