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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO – two men are beaten by bouncers at Paceville

Six Maltese bouncers, aged between 24 and 51, are expected to be arraigned in Court charged with grievously injuring to foreign men outside a Paceville entertainment establishment two months ago.

TVM is in possession of an exclusive video filmed by a security camera in St George’s Road, Paceville.

The video shows a man wearing a white shirt and with blood traces on it, arguing with the bouncers outside the gentlemen’s club. At one time, one of the bouncers is seen punching him on the head from behind, while another one who was at their side starting punching him in the face and kicking him until the man walked to the other side of the street and fell on the ground with blood on his face. While on the ground, one of the bouncers is seen putting his foot on the helpless man.

Suddenly, a man who appeared was accompanying the man took off his jacket and t-shirt and made provocative gestures towards the bouncers who immediately assaulted him. One of them is seen taking hold of a glass bottle and allegedly threw it towards him. The man allegedly was beaten near the Paceville main square, which however was not filmed by the security camera.

The incident occurred early on Sunday, 21st May at around six in the morning. In a statement, the Police had reported that at 7.00 am it received a call for assistance on the site where it found a 29-year old Syrian and a 33-year old Jordanian with grievous injuries. The two were hospitalised.

Relatives of the two men had contacted and alleged that the two foreigners were brutally assaulted by the bouncers after they tried to enter the establishment but were refused entry. The relatives also presented photos of the grievous injuries both men suffered in their faces, heads and back. One of the injured was in danger of losing an eye.

In the video, the Jordanian is seen unattended for more than a quarter of an hour until police arrived, while a youth assisted him to regain his breath and stand up.

Replying to questions by Television Malta on the case, the Police now confirmed that the investigation is concluded and that six Maltese bouncers, aged between 24 and 51, will be arraigned in Court.

The video in our possession shows that around four minutes before the Jordanian was assaulted, one of the bouncers had leaped on another man and pushed him on the glass window of a commercial complex, and allegedly kicked him while the man was on the ground.

This is not the first time that establishments’ bouncers in Paceville were arraigned in court charged with excessive force against other individuals.


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