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UPDATED: New footage shows more of what happened yesterday at Mellieħa

Video footage acquired by TVM shows parts of the route taken by the truck which caused devastation in Mellieħa yesterday after it crashed into at least five other vehicles.

Footage obtained by TVM today shows the moments just before the truck came to a stop on the pavement when it started reversing at speed after it had just impacted with a bus.

A number of persons are seen trying to guide the truck driver, but when they realise he continued driving in a dangerous manner, they ran towards the truck to try and open the door and bring out the driver.

With the door stuck, the persons around the truck, some of whom appeared to know the driver, were heard trying to calm him down and ask what had happened. One can also hear shouts of angry persons whose vehicles had been damaged.

Meanwhile, in footage acquired by TVM yesterday, the truck is seen following a van being driven in front of it, with eyewitnesses telling TVM the van was trying to stop the truck.

At one point both vehicles are seen moving against the traffic flow. Vehicles facing them barely avoided colliding head-on with the truck by crossing over to the other side of the road.

TVM is informed a number of drivers involved suffered from shock.

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