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EXCLUSIVE: Watches the bridge collapse in front of her

The number of victims of the Genoa bridge tragedy have risen to 43 as on Saturday the state funeral was held for nineteen of the victims. TVM spoke with a female youth who at the time of the accident was under the bridge.

Silvia Vieri from Genoa on Tuesday was passenger in a car with her boyfriend and at the time when the bridge collapsed they were exactly under it on their way to a shopping complex. In an interview with TVM, the woman recounts the experience, saying that she will never forget the great silence that prevailed when the bridge collapsed and a car in front of them was crushed by a falling trailer from the bridge.

Silvia Vieri said that “at one moment we saw a cloud of smoke on the bridge, then there was a lightning due to a storm and the bridge seemed to melt and fell on itself. The car in front of us was hit by a trailer which fell from the bridge…There was silence. There wasn’t any initial chaos, absolutely. There was heavy rain water; and smoke disappeared due to the rain. We smelt gas, electric wires were cut off, stone pieces, but silence prevailed”.

Vieri recounted to us that apart from the trauma she experienced, and her regret when she thinks of the victims, she and many Genoa residents are very angry for those responsible to see that the necessary works should have been done to avoid the bridge collapse.

“This was a disaster as a result of negligence by someone who did not monitor the infrastructural stability of Genoa…Now apart from the disaster, there is regret because of the victims; one thinks of what will happen in the future, that is tourism and trade. Genoa is now completely cut off. They destroyed a town”.

Early on Saturday morning, the van which had become a symbol of the tragedy as its driver managed to stop it a few metres away from where the bridge collapsed was removed.

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