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EXCLUSIVE: What happened when Ira Losco sang before Elton John and other on-stage humorous episodes

Ira Losco is a singer-songwriter with a career spanning 15 years. As an adolescent she started singing in a band and gained popularity when she finished second in the Eurovision Song Contest of 2002, while evolving with different genre of music.

Apart from her experiences in the 2002 and 2016 Eurovision contests, Ira cherishes most her participation in the Isle of MTV festival on the Granaries and also when she opened the concert in which great artists performed, including Elton John.

Although Ira appears to perform perfectly in her concerts on stage, she recounted humorous episodes she experienced during her career. “On occasions I forget the lyrics of songs despite having the teleprompter in front of me, and even mixed them. I fell on stage….on some four occasions…thank God not grievously – the cause were my shoes; I ended removing the shoes and jumping barefooted”.

The singer is celebrating her fifteen-year career with the release of the seventh album – No Sinner No Saint – a double album. “The songs are different styles, however they belong to pop because I am a pop singer. There are different music styles – a bit of rock, back to my origins; and avant garde. The album is very varied, similar to Fire, but this one is more varied because there are 24 tracks”.

At the album’s inauguration, Ira’s manager Howard Keith, said that No Sinner No Saint has already topped the itunes.

Watch the following whole interview with Ira Losco.

Ira Losco – Intervista esklussiva

Ira Losco exclusive inteview with Norma M Saliba about her 7th album launch #Nosinnernosaint celebrating her 15 years' musical career… Watch Ira Losco revealing her funny moments on stage and career highlights to Television Malta … For more info go to iralosco.comHoward Keith Debono Jagged House Ira Losco Ira Losco Ira Losco

Geplaatst door Television Malta op Donderdag 21 juni 2018

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