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Exhibition of cars, planes and vessels in Vittoriosa

Over 500 models, built by members of one of the local models societies, are being exhibited at the Maritime Museum in Vittoriosa. The exhibition will be opened for the last day, tomorrow Tuesday, a public holiday.

Hundreds of models that include cars, vessels, motorcycles and planes, together with military tanks and helicopters are on show in the exhibition held by the Society of Scale Modellers IPMS Malta. Model enthusiasts carry out in-depth research on their exhibits.

IPMS Malta President, Paul Salamone, said “you are looking at a real object, but on a smaller scale; apart from building a model, we research on the object and go into details”.

The society has also selected a part of the exhibits for a competition judged by members of the public. “We looked at the need to raise interest among members who do not travel and compete abroad, and also involve public interest; so we created the visitor’s choice award which is a competition judged by the public”.

Mr Salamone said the society welcomes new members, adding that members frequently go abroad, including in England, The Netherlands and even America to participate in international competition. Each year, models of Maltese enthusiasts are recognised by an international jury and have won gold medals.

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