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Exhibition of paintings on social themes

Artist Ray Piscopo will be exhibiting his works this week in Hamrun. Using his unique style, the artist is treating various social themes which have greatly concerned him over the last few years.

Following a career as an engineer, Mr Piscopo has found more time to dedicate to his artistic talent. This time for his exhibition, the artist has chosen social themes which over the last few years have captured his conscience and caused him a great deal of worry with the hope of finding a solution not only on a national level, but even internationally. The paintings deal with domestic violence, immigration, the homeless, the death of those who are dear to us, war and even the scourge of children who instead of studying are forced into child labour. He also deals with poverty and the consequences which result from man’s wrong decisions.

Although Piscopo in his paintings has exposed what is negative in today’s world, he has also drawn attention to hope because he shows that there is a light which one may look for and when one follows it, one can manage to overcome the problems and difficulties of life.

The paintings are made of acrylic and oil and are composed using powerful colors without a precise definition. This rather unique style has created an abstract sensation mixed with realism where the human being is suffering the consequences of circumstances in which he finds himself because he cannot seem to change his destiny.

The exhibition will be open on Thursday and Friday evening and Saturday morning at Dar Qalb ta’ Ġesù in Hamrun.

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