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UPDATED: Expectation on President Vella’s direction regarding Opposition Leader

There is great expectation for the direction by Malta’s President Dr George Vella on the Opposition Leader’s post after a majority of the PN Parliamentary Group approved a No Confidence Motion in Dr Adrian Delia as the Leader of the Opposition. For the President, the guiding factor for any decision to be taken rests on the Constitution in which sections related to the post of Opposition Leader are contained in Article 90.

The Constitution states the President may remove the Leader of the Opposition if the occupant of the position forfeits the support of the majority of the greater number of Opposition MPs, or in the case where an MP in the Chamber has the majority backing of the Group representatives. A further sub article says the President may appoint an Opposition Leader on the strength of an MP having a majority backing of the Parliamentary Group.

Constitutional experts gave different views, versions and interpretations regarding the sub articles and these may make the President’s eventual decision more complex. Over the last two days the President has been meeting Opposition MPs as well as Opposition Leader Dr Delia with the majority of MPs declaring that Delia no longer carries their trust while forwarding their choice that Therese Comodini Cachia should replace him as the Leader of the Opposition.

Meanwhile, Dr Delia did not keep his weekly Saturday appointment in being interviewed by the PN media. His last communiqué was released on Friday evening when he stated that he does not feel it appropriate that while the President is deliberating on a most sensitive matter, this is being obscured by public debate. Dr Delia said he will remain loyal to his Constitutional Oath and to the PN card-holder members while observing the Party Statute.

While there is great expectancy in the decision to be taken by the President and is awaited at any moment as well as what will happen during the next Parliamentary session to be held this Monday morning, sources stated the PN is to convene the Executive on Tuesday and these are expected to discuss the latest political developments even though the actual Agenda may feature other matters.

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