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Extreme weather predicted for summer in Italy, will Malta face similar weather?

In Italy, this summer is expected to be characterised by extreme weather with a period of drought and heavy rainfall.

Italian weather experts who recently met in Rome are predicting a different than usual summer season. However, they warned that followers of weather report not to rest on apps and electronic websites which ma disseminate false news and unnecessary alarm.

Antonello Pasini, an Italian researcher at Rome University, stated that sea temperature will continue to increase with the consequence of an increase in water evaporation. This may lead to the formation of more clouds which eventually result in more rainfall.

Apart from this, the more the sea gets hotter the more energy in the atmosphere which then results in natural phenomenon that cause disastrous situations, as witnessed in recent months.

Who know whether the Italian meteorologists’ predictions may also apply to the weather in Malta. If this happens, we will not even have a normal summer!

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