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George Degiorgio had €10 in his bank account

The compilation of evidence in the money laundering case against George and Alfred Degiorgio and Adelina Pop continued this morning in front of Magistrate Joe Mifsud.

Inspector Antanovic Muscat produced the testimony of various institutions after he requested that they carry out research on the assets of the three accused.

A customs official said that no documentation had ever been found that the accused had ever received or sent any money outside of Malta. .

The bank representatives said that some accounts had been found, including three owned by George Degiorgio, one of which only contained €10. Alfred Degiorgio had a bank account which had been closed while Adelina Pop had one account in which she had a few hundred Euro.

Research was also carried out on properties which the accused have in their name, however the information was not revealed. It also emerged that the accused have eight vehicles in their names including an Audi, a BMW Corvet C7 and two Mercedes. It was also stated that both George as well as Alfred have a boat each registered in their name with Transport Malta.