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UPDATED: Parliament discusses the leaked report about 17 Black

The House of Representatives last night discussed what has been revealed about the secret company 17 Black after a motion was presented by the Leader of the Opposition. Deputy PM Chris Fearne said the the House should discuss every allegation which has been made about Members of the House, including the Opposition leader himself, as well as about Member of the European Parliament, David Casa.

In his speech, PN leader Adrian Delia said that what has been revealed about 17 Black, that it belongs to Electrogas director Yorgen Fenech, shows that there is nothing clean about the case of the gas power station. He said the the PM himself was holding back the judicial inquiry on 17 Black. 

Dr Delia alleged that funds were to be transferred to this secret company by this who had won the power station contract. He asked what inquiry is required to understand that what was done was not correct and that abuse and corruption had taken place. He said that political responsibility should be shouldered immediately until the inquiry is concluded.

The Opposition leader said that the motion was required because it was in the public interest and affects the reputation of the country in the financial and economic sectors. He said after today, Europe has already been decided to issue a political condemnation against Malta.

He added that political responsibility should be shouldered because when the power station was built, certain structures had been put in place for this abuse to occur.  He asked why Minister Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri should not resign. He asked whether the principal of rule of law and regulations apply to them as well. He said that in the absence of any resignations, political responsibility should be shouldered by PM Joseph Muscat.

Deputy PM Chris Fearne accused the Opposition of creating a mise-en-scène  because it did not wish to debate to be held, and in fact it had called a press conference at the parliamentary building at the same time it wanted the debate to be held.

Minister Fearne said that the Leader of the Opposition forgot to mention the serious allegations which had been made against himself. He said that he was saying this was because he was using the same weights and measures as the Opposition leader. 

He quoted what Dr Delia himself had said about 17 Black, when he said that he could not take the report as gospel truth until the final conclusions had been reached. 

The Deputy PM said that because there is rule of law in Malta, there are judicial proceedings currently  underway. He accused the Opposition that it did not wish to apply the rule of law in this case and was acting like prosecutor, judge and jury. 

Dr Fearne said that the Government had not made the same allegations towards MEP David Casa about  his alleged cocaine use, or the allegations of defrauding EU funds.  He said that the Government was allowing the institutions to work and was not acting as judge and jury like the Opposition was doing. He said that in this case, one should await the outcome of the judicial process even though the Opposition wanted to change the judge. 

He said that the Reuters report was based on report by the FIAU which confirms that the institutions, including the FIAU, do indeed function, contrary to what has long been alleged by the Opposition. 

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