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Factory to be transformed into a centre of excellence to build drones for transport

Hands On, a Maltese company which specialises in the technology of vehicle tracking, will be transforming its factory at Mosta TechnoPark to research alternative transport, including driverless cars.

The Chief Executive of Hands On, Geoffrey Farrugia said that at an investment of 3 million Euro, the company will be building a helipad to start manufacturing drones as a means of transport.

“Since we have this place where we can expand and develop, we thought of installing a helipad so that when it comes to the testing and development of technology on drone transport we will have the necessary space and tools to carry out testing.”

Mr Farrugia explained to Minster Chris Cardona and Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Schembri that in the last three years the company has had a growth of 57%.

He said that the company has worked on chips which will be attached to school bags so that parents will know when their children have boarded and got off their school transport. He added that the company operates in ten countries including South America, Italy and Ghana.

Minister Cardona said that the Government is committed to supporting innovative companies to expand in new technologies. Dr Cardona said that this will lead to new job opportunities. He said that the vision of the Government is to make Malta among the best in the digital world.

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